China’s social and economic transformations over the course of the past three decades have led to an economic miracle that fascinates the world. Today, China is the world’s second largest economy in dollar terms. What is the portrait of the landscape of China and are the driving forces behind it? What is the role that China has played in shaping the rest of world economy? Could China’s success be derailed by domestic challenges or global economic shocks?

  This program seeks to provide insiders’ perspective on economic and social issues in China. The course consists of two parts: one is the dynamics of Chinese economy; the other is Institutions and Political Economy of China’s Development. The first part covers a series of topics relevant to current Chinese economy such as economic reforms, urbanization, and capital market, which will be presented by the faculties from China Center for Economic Studies (CCES), Fudan University. The second part discusses public policies in around China, which are mainly presented by two professors from School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University.

  Participations for twenty lectures and one mid-term and final examination are included for assessment of students’ performance in this program. The students are required to go through assigned readings diligently before classes to both contribute to and benefit from class discussions.